Everywhere & Nowhere

Everywhere & Nowhere

We're extremely pleased to announce our second album: Everywhere & Nowhere, releasing in just under a month on December 8th 2023. Check out the first single and title track from the album below.

Everywhere & Nowhere sees eight tracks that run a wide gamut of styles and influences. The songs consider duality and conflict on a personal and wider level and are reflective of the times we live in, with hope and personal empowerment uppermost. Art is once again provided by Paul Tippett of and the album's sounds were again sculpted and overseen by Robin Armstrong of cosmograf / @Gravity Dream. This time Robin took on the additional role of Producer, offering invaluable feedback and suggestions (and even some beautiful additional strings!)

The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. The Tides (10:58)
  2. Everywhere & Nowhere (4:59)
  3. All Roads Lead Home (5:23)
  4. Resist (6:03)
  5. Holes (6:20)
  6. Ghosts (5:02)
  7. Parabellum (8:44)
  8. Epilogue (5:22)

As with our first album we've recruited the help of an additional musician to add that extra something to the recordings. Track 4 (Resist) sees Peter Jones of Tiger Moth Tales / The Bardic Depths contribute some sublime saxaphone playing that really elevates the song.

And our main musicians are...

Richard Lock - Vocals, songwriting
David Brazington - Guitars
Thomas Lock - Keyboards
Dietmar Schantin - Bass guitar
Jack Lock - Drums & percussion

The physical CD is available to pre-order from our website https://theroundwindow.band and digital is available from BandCamp https://theroundwindow.bandcamp.com

We have a whole lot more to share with you about this album in the coming weeks ahead of release, and can't wait to invite you once again to look with us through the round window.

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